Because I’m a law student and I feel compelled to do so, I have to include a disclaimer.

So. This is a personal weblog. It’s mine, so the opinions here are mine. Not my school’s. Not my mom’s. Not anyone else’s. Just mine. Oh, except for comments, which of course are the sole opinion of the individual commenter. There is no advice that is guaranteed. There are no guarantees at all, in fact. If you disagree, do so in a civil manner. Or…because this is my personal weblog, your comment might get deleted. Or edited to say you’re a baboon or some other silly thing.

Oh! If you should find a grammatical error, please do tell. I hate making silly mistakes.

Finally, I am a LAW STUDENT. This blog does not offer legal advice, or anything even remotely resembling legal advice. Even when I’m a lawyer, this blog will not offer legal advice. So get used to it.



One thought on “legalese

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