just a little distraction

I meant to post about the bar exam, awhile ago. But as more time lapses between then and now, I feel less like dwelling on it. Or even thinking about it, really.

To briefly satisfy inquiring minds: it was brutal. I hand-wrote memos, a contract provision, and essays for six solid hours the first day, and answered 200 mind-numbing multiple choice questions the second day. And I have no idea how it went. So, you can see why reliving it wasn’t exactly a top priority.

In a quest to distract myself from the fact that I have to wait until September 13th to find out if I passed, I’ve been staying characteristically busy. There was a bachelorette weekend, starting work full time again, a wedding weekend, a concert and trip to the Iowa State Fair, and just life in general to keep me occupied. In other words, not much has changed since the days of law school in terms of my ridiculous schedule.

Thankfully, I’m now preparing for my first vacation alone with the hubby since our honeymoon ten years ago. I say that I’m thankful for this because I desperately need some time off, away from things, but with him. I need to relax and take a deep breath before truly delving into the rest of our lives. And I need to just be somewhere new, because that travel bug that I have just doesn’t seem to be going away.

And let’s be honest. I need something to further distract me from the never-ending wait for the bar results. Anything will do. In fact, does anyone know anything about temporary, medically induced comas? By the time the next few weeks go by, I just might need one to preserve my sanity.


the bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle*

I’m so very excited that over the next six months: I will graduate law school. Two of my favorite people will graduate from college. A friend will marry the man she’s loved for so many years. Ryan’s brother and sister will both get married, and I will have the honor of standing up with them. I will study for and take the bar exam.

And then, comes The Wait.

The worst wait of my entire life, really. It was hard to wait for my score after I took the LSAT. It was miserable to wait for responses from schools when I applied during my senior year of college. It was excrutiating to wait for grades after 1L exams. And I’ve waited for grades and results every semester since, including the MPRE. But not one of those waiting periods will compare to what I anticipate The Wait to be. The Wait that will come between taking the bar exam and the results will be like no other.

So, in order to distract myself from The Wait, Ryan and I are taking our first trip somewhere with just the two of us (and not to visit family) since our honeymoon. It will be just shy of ten years since that trip when we leave for Seattle, and I can’t wait!

If you’ve been to the Emerald City, what is a “must do” for us while we’re there?

*title of post from Seattle by Perry Como.

blending in

As a traveler, I love it when someone comes up to me and asks me for directions when I am in a new place. It makes me feel as though I blend in – and I even did it quite well in Europe. I was asked directions in Paris multiple times, and even more in London. In France, I definitely had to plead ignorance and put the phrase “je ne comprends pas” to use a few times. My A to Zed was my Bible in London, and I often brought it out to show people how to get to tube stations and tourist attractions.

As a student attorney, I’ve felt like a fraud on more than one occassion. I’ve felt as though I didn’t truly belong in front of the judge or trying to make my client see reason. I’ve felt lost and unsure of myself. But once in awhile that feeling fades and I start to feel as though I really can do this whole lawyer thing.

Last week I was waiting in the courthouse for a client to arrive so I could talk with them before their hearing that morning. I’d hung up my coat, so I was standing in the hallway in my suit, reviewing their file out of my padfolio. I was approached first by a gentleman asking where the men’s room is. Not exactly noteworthy or indicative of the notion that I appeared to fit in. However, I then had someone ask me what time the clerk’s office opened. I helped them and told them what they needed to do.

Then I had someone approach me and ask me if I were with the public defender’s office after they watched the exchange with the individual about the clerk’s office. I explained that I was not, and that once the courtrooms opened they should have a seat and wait for someone to call their name.

It’s something small, really. But being approached and asked what to do (or where to go) means that you blend in. It means you at least look like you know what you are doing. It means that you look like you belong wherever it is that you are. Who wouldn’t want that?

overheard at home

This conversation took place before I left on my Chi/Cali trip – and it makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Me: I’ll miss you while I’m gone.

Hubby: No, you probably won’t even think about me.

Me: I’ll think of you everytime I see something that I think you’ll like.

Hubby: Okay, so you’ll think about me while you’re in prison.

Me: . . . Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

And to be fair, he was absolutely right. I DID think about him while I walked down the cell blocks at Alcatraz (but it was because I knew he’d find it interesting — though he’d say it’s because I thought about locking him in one of those cells).   🙂

ten things

Trying to get back into the saddle of blogging on a regular basis seems to be a little tricky. What do I talk about? I have a zillion topics in my mind, and can’t seem to narrow it down. So, I’ve decided to just do a listy post. Here are ten things that are on my mind:

1. There is an awesome little tool for lazy people like me here. It allows you to calculate the number of days between two dates. So, if you’re like me and wonder how many days until your super fabulous wonderful vacation, check it out!

2. Speaking of super fabulous wonderful vacations, there are 47 days until my cousin and I take off for California again. This will be our last trip for awhile, and we’re doing it up right — 10 days spread between San Franscisco, Los Angeles, and the PCH. I seriously cannot wait!

3. So…I read the Twilight series. And I didn’t hate it. Shut up. I also watched the first two movies and plan to see the third when it comes out. Shut up.

4. My nephew is officially growing too fast. He’s five, people. If he keeps growing at this rate, he’ll be taller than me by the time he’s seven, I swear. So, so unfair. Is it so wrong that I’ve enjoyed having someone in the hubby’s family who’s shorter than me!?

5. I discovered during our recent trip Up North that I thoroughly miss playing softball. I played catch for a few minutes with Miss Bossy, and it was so much fun. It might just be time to dust off the old glove and check into any rec leagues around here.

6. I had a fabulous idea for a fiction story that I started writing down recently, and I’m kind of excited to see where it goes. I might share an excerpt or two later on, but for now it’s for my eyes only. Am I the only one who does that?

7. Poor planning has resulted in me being forced to take the MPRE in November because it happens to take place in August the day after I get back to Chicago from California. As in, I won’t be in Iowa yet to even take it. Oops.

8. My seasonal allergies have been pretty much unbearable this year. I remember a couple of years ago I didn’t even have to take any medication to relieve my symptoms. This year I’m still hunting for something over the counter that will work! Awful.

9. I am completely and utterly thrilled (and terrified) that I will be a student attorney in our criminal defense clinic next year. I can’t wait to dive into things!

10. In case you’re keeping score, I’ve read 5 non-assigned, non-law-related books thus far this summer. It’s been wonderful, and I am loathe to think that I will have to go another school year without reading for fun.

See? My mind is just a big jumble when it comes to writing right now. Hopefully I can be more focused next time!

the speed of light

Once in awhile (or quite often, depending on who you are), life gets away from you. Days, weeks, months pass. You don’t even realize so much time has gone by. Before you know it, you’re a Keith Urban song.

And by you, I mean me.

I thought for sure this semester would be a breeze. I only have two classes with exams and I never had class on Fridays.

Funny just how wrong I really was. It turns out that not having class on Fridays meant huge efforts to keep my schedule clear results in jamming 5 days into 4. And then, when I do get home and have a “day off,” I have a ton of work to do. In fact, I’d argue that the way my schedule worked out is WORSE than having classes five days a week.

But I have one last assignment to grade for my teaching assistant gig, I just won my trial for my trial advocacy class, and I’m winding down my work for my internship. I have two more weeks of classes, a 5k race that I’m organizing, a 10-page paper for my internship, and two final exams.

That is what is standing between me and my last summer as a student, and working at my clerkship and another trip to California.

And really? I’d be okay with the next few weeks moving at the speed of light, too. Because I so sincerely need the break that awaits me at the end.

downs and ups

Life is going…well.

I’ve been crazy busy and stressed and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. That’s probably not going to change anytime soon, and it’s taken some getting used to. I actually miss working – which is so strange to say – and going home at night. Living apart isn’t very much fun, but at least I’m so busy I hardly notice.

On the up side, we’re going to see Wicked this Thursday and I just got tickets to see Rent with my sister in law in November. I’m so pumped! Both are shows I’ve been dying to see.

I’m going to D.C. in a couple of weeks for the Equal Justice Works national conference, which is amazing!!

Plus…I just got another scholarship for this school year! I can’t tell you the weight this has lifted. No more worries over money. No more feeling guilty for my study trips to Starbucks because for some reason that’s the only place I can seem to get anything done.

And on top of all that, our fall break is this Friday and Monday. Four consecutive days of no class and not being apart from the hubby. It’s definitely much needed, and I can’t wait!