six, really?

I stopped by here today, and find it hard to believe that it’s really been six whole months since my last post. What’s been going on?

Oh, well…

We found out we are expecting a baby just days after that last post. And because it was a secret until mid-February, I avoided the blog. You know, so I could avoid pulling a Jim from the Office and making a toast that totally reveals the big secret.

Then I had raging, horrifyingly awful morning (all-day) sickness until…oh…mid-May. And I had no energy for the blog. Or much of anything else, really.

And then I really just didn’t want to blog because I don’t want to become one of those people. The ones who only ever talk about their offspring, whether they have been born yet or not. My life has become more about focusing what’s going on inside my uterus and dealing with the rest of stuff as pretty much secondary.  There are still other things going on, which I am assured will end once the baby is born. 🙂 So I still avoided the blog.

But…I’ve now decided that guess what? It’s my blog. I’ll talk about whatever I want. So I’m back!


otherwise engaged

Funny, I wanted nothing more than to get bar results and get on with life. That’s exactly what happened.

After Seattle, it was an agonizing couple of weeks until bar results came out. Actually, I’m not sure agonizing even begins to describe the feeling, particularly in the last few days. The trouble with knowing the date and approximate time that the results will be released is that it makes you absolutely neurotic. I never thought I would be one to lose two nights of sleep beforehand because my mind wouldn’t shut off. I also never thought I would be one to hit refresh probably half a million times in the 36 or so hours leading up to the release.

On September 13th, I found out that I passed the bar exam. The feeling when I saw my name on the pass list is pretty much indescribable. (Oh! The immense relief! Happy tears! The weight of a thousand worlds suddenly lifted off my shoulders! More happy tears!) I worked between then and the swearing-in ceremony September 23rd, sort of in a state of limbo. My boss started calling me his associate, but because I didn’t have that handy dandy little attorney pin number, I still couldn’t truly do anything on my own. I was still putting his name at the bottom of documents, and getting his approval on everything, even the most basic of letters.

On September 23rd, I was sworn in by my favorite Iowa Supreme Court Justice with over 200 other new attorneys, many of whom are my friends. It was a great day to share with them, and Ryan and my Mom (and Ryan’s family who had a pretty strong showing, I might add). We celebrated that evening with some of my law school faves, and then it was right down to it.

On the morning of Monday the 26th, a mere three days after being sworn in, I was off on a 40 minute drive to a nearby town for a hearing. All by myself. And then that afternoon, I had a new client appointment of my own for estate planning. All by myself. Since then, I’ve had another court hearing, drafted a will and powers of attorney, and had a new child custody client come in (among many other things). You guessed it, all by myself.

So what I’m saying is twofold really:

1. I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely had time to feel guilty for not blogging. Though there has been some guilt — I realized that unless people could see my Facebook account, they might not know what my fate was with respect to the bar exam. For that, my apologies.

2. Passing the bar and getting sworn in has somehow managed to make me revert to being a toddler or young child. I get so excited when I get to do something “all by myself,” in case you didn’t notice. My legal career is in its infancy stage, though . . . so I guess it’s pretty fitting.

Although I’ve been otherwise engaged, I hope to start making it back here a bit more often. I’ve certainly missed it!

just a little distraction

I meant to post about the bar exam, awhile ago. But as more time lapses between then and now, I feel less like dwelling on it. Or even thinking about it, really.

To briefly satisfy inquiring minds: it was brutal. I hand-wrote memos, a contract provision, and essays for six solid hours the first day, and answered 200 mind-numbing multiple choice questions the second day. And I have no idea how it went. So, you can see why reliving it wasn’t exactly a top priority.

In a quest to distract myself from the fact that I have to wait until September 13th to find out if I passed, I’ve been staying characteristically busy. There was a bachelorette weekend, starting work full time again, a wedding weekend, a concert and trip to the Iowa State Fair, and just life in general to keep me occupied. In other words, not much has changed since the days of law school in terms of my ridiculous schedule.

Thankfully, I’m now preparing for my first vacation alone with the hubby since our honeymoon ten years ago. I say that I’m thankful for this because I desperately need some time off, away from things, but with him. I need to relax and take a deep breath before truly delving into the rest of our lives. And I need to just be somewhere new, because that travel bug that I have just doesn’t seem to be going away.

And let’s be honest. I need something to further distract me from the never-ending wait for the bar results. Anything will do. In fact, does anyone know anything about temporary, medically induced comas? By the time the next few weeks go by, I just might need one to preserve my sanity.

barbri day eighteen: distractions abound

I’m in a wedding for two of my favorite people in the world this weekend, so needless to say I’ve got plenty more than Barbri going on right now. Yesterday we ran to Des Moines to pick up my dress from the tailor and Ryan’s tux. I’ve been practicing the two readings I will be doing. I’ve been thinking about my back-up speech in case the maid of honor goes into labor and can’t be at the reception.

Tomorrow we go to get mani/pedis, and then decorate for the reception. And then there’s the rehearsal.

Saturday starts bright and early with a hair appointment, then makeup, then getting dressed, and then photos. Then, it’s the wedding and reception.

Oh, and Sunday is Father’s Day.

When am I supposed to have time to study again?

the bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle*

I’m so very excited that over the next six months: I will graduate law school. Two of my favorite people will graduate from college. A friend will marry the man she’s loved for so many years. Ryan’s brother and sister will both get married, and I will have the honor of standing up with them. I will study for and take the bar exam.

And then, comes The Wait.

The worst wait of my entire life, really. It was hard to wait for my score after I took the LSAT. It was miserable to wait for responses from schools when I applied during my senior year of college. It was excrutiating to wait for grades after 1L exams. And I’ve waited for grades and results every semester since, including the MPRE. But not one of those waiting periods will compare to what I anticipate The Wait to be. The Wait that will come between taking the bar exam and the results will be like no other.

So, in order to distract myself from The Wait, Ryan and I are taking our first trip somewhere with just the two of us (and not to visit family) since our honeymoon. It will be just shy of ten years since that trip when we leave for Seattle, and I can’t wait!

If you’ve been to the Emerald City, what is a “must do” for us while we’re there?

*title of post from Seattle by Perry Como.

time flies . . .

. . . when you’re a third year law student!

I absolutely cannot believe that we’re into the final week of February already. This semester is flying by. I’m enjoying my classes, and how so many of my “extras” are starting to wind down.

Law and Religion is going well now, though the theory portion was very intimidating. Reading Aquinas and Augustine and Hobbes and Luther was all fine and good, but there was no way I was going to be confident enough to talk much about them in class. I am by no stretch of the imagination a philosopher or theologist. Now we’re into the history portion, which is completely manageable. I do have to write a 25-page paper for my Advanced Writing Requirement, which should be interesting if I go forward with the topic I’m considering. And no, I can’t tell you — in case you suddenly decide to write a paper about it and get it published and preempt me!

Criminal Procedure is good, though it seems to be a bit less black and white than I imagined. We talk a lot about policy and reasons for the debate on both sides of an issue, like bail bonds or plea agreements. Frankly, I’m not too sure what to expect on the final exam.

Children and the Law, Mediation, and Iowa Research are all going to be very useful to me after graduation. I’m looking forward into putting what I’m learning in all three of these classes into action when I practice.

As for the rest, I have my last edit to finish for the journal. Tomorrow night is my last student bar association meeting, and today I graded my last weekly research assignment and turned in my answer keys. I still will grade the citations in the appellate briefs and a few writing assignments, but no keys are needed for those. I am still working on organizing the 5k fundraiser for Equal Justice Works, but thankfully have a great group of people to pass the torch on to.

So, I’m taking a deep breath and keeping on keepin’ on. 80 days until graduation!

and the hits just keep on coming…

Just when it seems as though I may have time to breathe, time to relax, time to think about getting organized for finals, I get pushed back into my chair by the Universe and told that I’m not done just yet.

It is three weeks until finals, and I haven’t so much as begun to think about studying for tests. I get to do a second extensive edit on a second article that is just as long as the last one. I have to write a will for myself for a class.

All of those things alone, I could handle.

But today, I confirmed a case for trial on the first of December. That’s right. I have a trial before the end of the semester. Part of me is excited — thrilled even, but the rational part of me says “HEY. You need to slow down a bit before you die from sleep deprivation. Kthxbai.”

No time to slow down now. I’ll just have to keep swimming.