six, really?

I stopped by here today, and find it hard to believe that it’s really been six whole months since my last post. What’s been going on?

Oh, well…

We found out we are expecting a baby just days after that last post. And because it was a secret until mid-February, I avoided the blog. You know, so I could avoid pulling a Jim from the Office and making a toast that totally reveals the big secret.

Then I had raging, horrifyingly awful morning (all-day) sickness until…oh…mid-May. And I had no energy for the blog. Or much of anything else, really.

And then I really just didn’t want to blog because I don’t want to become one of those people. The ones who only ever talk about their offspring, whether they have been born yet or not. My life has become more about focusing what’s going on inside my uterus and dealing with the rest of stuff as pretty much secondary.  There are still other things going on, which I am assured will end once the baby is born. 🙂 So I still avoided the blog.

But…I’ve now decided that guess what? It’s my blog. I’ll talk about whatever I want. So I’m back!


otherwise engaged

Funny, I wanted nothing more than to get bar results and get on with life. That’s exactly what happened.

After Seattle, it was an agonizing couple of weeks until bar results came out. Actually, I’m not sure agonizing even begins to describe the feeling, particularly in the last few days. The trouble with knowing the date and approximate time that the results will be released is that it makes you absolutely neurotic. I never thought I would be one to lose two nights of sleep beforehand because my mind wouldn’t shut off. I also never thought I would be one to hit refresh probably half a million times in the 36 or so hours leading up to the release.

On September 13th, I found out that I passed the bar exam. The feeling when I saw my name on the pass list is pretty much indescribable. (Oh! The immense relief! Happy tears! The weight of a thousand worlds suddenly lifted off my shoulders! More happy tears!) I worked between then and the swearing-in ceremony September 23rd, sort of in a state of limbo. My boss started calling me his associate, but because I didn’t have that handy dandy little attorney pin number, I still couldn’t truly do anything on my own. I was still putting his name at the bottom of documents, and getting his approval on everything, even the most basic of letters.

On September 23rd, I was sworn in by my favorite Iowa Supreme Court Justice with over 200 other new attorneys, many of whom are my friends. It was a great day to share with them, and Ryan and my Mom (and Ryan’s family who had a pretty strong showing, I might add). We celebrated that evening with some of my law school faves, and then it was right down to it.

On the morning of Monday the 26th, a mere three days after being sworn in, I was off on a 40 minute drive to a nearby town for a hearing. All by myself. And then that afternoon, I had a new client appointment of my own for estate planning. All by myself. Since then, I’ve had another court hearing, drafted a will and powers of attorney, and had a new child custody client come in (among many other things). You guessed it, all by myself.

So what I’m saying is twofold really:

1. I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely had time to feel guilty for not blogging. Though there has been some guilt — I realized that unless people could see my Facebook account, they might not know what my fate was with respect to the bar exam. For that, my apologies.

2. Passing the bar and getting sworn in has somehow managed to make me revert to being a toddler or young child. I get so excited when I get to do something “all by myself,” in case you didn’t notice. My legal career is in its infancy stage, though . . . so I guess it’s pretty fitting.

Although I’ve been otherwise engaged, I hope to start making it back here a bit more often. I’ve certainly missed it!


You, internet, should be so proud of me. I never thought that at this young age, I would be able say it, but here goes.

I am a millionaire in the only game I ever play on Facebook: Bejeweled Blitz.

How did I do it? Well, it was a combination of thriftiness, hard work and luck. You see, you get a free spin every day, and that has really helped tremendously. I struck it big and got a half million coins the other day. The other half million, I have earned by wasting huge amounts of time playing the game, and then not spending them on “boosts.”

Like I said, you should be so proud. 🙂

ten things

Trying to get back into the saddle of blogging on a regular basis seems to be a little tricky. What do I talk about? I have a zillion topics in my mind, and can’t seem to narrow it down. So, I’ve decided to just do a listy post. Here are ten things that are on my mind:

1. There is an awesome little tool for lazy people like me here. It allows you to calculate the number of days between two dates. So, if you’re like me and wonder how many days until your super fabulous wonderful vacation, check it out!

2. Speaking of super fabulous wonderful vacations, there are 47 days until my cousin and I take off for California again. This will be our last trip for awhile, and we’re doing it up right — 10 days spread between San Franscisco, Los Angeles, and the PCH. I seriously cannot wait!

3. So…I read the Twilight series. And I didn’t hate it. Shut up. I also watched the first two movies and plan to see the third when it comes out. Shut up.

4. My nephew is officially growing too fast. He’s five, people. If he keeps growing at this rate, he’ll be taller than me by the time he’s seven, I swear. So, so unfair. Is it so wrong that I’ve enjoyed having someone in the hubby’s family who’s shorter than me!?

5. I discovered during our recent trip Up North that I thoroughly miss playing softball. I played catch for a few minutes with Miss Bossy, and it was so much fun. It might just be time to dust off the old glove and check into any rec leagues around here.

6. I had a fabulous idea for a fiction story that I started writing down recently, and I’m kind of excited to see where it goes. I might share an excerpt or two later on, but for now it’s for my eyes only. Am I the only one who does that?

7. Poor planning has resulted in me being forced to take the MPRE in November because it happens to take place in August the day after I get back to Chicago from California. As in, I won’t be in Iowa yet to even take it. Oops.

8. My seasonal allergies have been pretty much unbearable this year. I remember a couple of years ago I didn’t even have to take any medication to relieve my symptoms. This year I’m still hunting for something over the counter that will work! Awful.

9. I am completely and utterly thrilled (and terrified) that I will be a student attorney in our criminal defense clinic next year. I can’t wait to dive into things!

10. In case you’re keeping score, I’ve read 5 non-assigned, non-law-related books thus far this summer. It’s been wonderful, and I am loathe to think that I will have to go another school year without reading for fun.

See? My mind is just a big jumble when it comes to writing right now. Hopefully I can be more focused next time!

oh, technology

I’m blogging from my Blackberry while relaxing in bed. I love technology!

a new form of inspiration

Today I bought a Keel’s Simple Diary in yellow. I flipped through one awhile ago and thought it looked interesting, and for a person whose life is less than interesting most of the time, a perfect way to still think about things and write something. Besides, Mr. Keel had me hooked when the first page I flipped to had a fill in the blank question that said: “Luckily, you will never learn how to: _________________.” And then the next page I saw had a multiple-choice question that said “It takes courage (a) to show real sympathy. (b) to return a T-bone steak.”

So in an effort to do just that, I’ve decided to start using the diary as an inspiration for blogging as well.

I can’t wait to get started!

a case of the blahs

It’s not even really writer’s block. Generally you have to want to write something or need to write something to get to a point where you consider yourself to have writer’s block.

This lack of interest is more of a case of the blahs. I still want to keep my blog. I just…don’t feel like writing right now. I’m not going to say I’m on a break (because then I’ll have 8500 topics suddenly come to me in a burning swirl of desire to write). I’m just going to be sort of slow at posting, for now.

Too much to do and not enough time to do it, I suppose.