that, right there.

I think sometimes as a parent, you get lost. You think being a parent is all about the day-in, day-out boring stuff like making sure your two year old brushes his teeth or wiping the gobs of snot from an already irritated nose.

It isn’t about that at all.

Those things are necessities, of course. No one wants to change a poopy diaper, but you certainly can’t just let it linger and sit there. Making sure that a child gets fed, hydrated, bathed, dressed, and combed are definitely a part of the minutiae of parenting.

But that moment, when your two-year-old, who had spurned you for attentions from daddy just hours before, only wants his mommy to hold his hand as he lays on the couch watching his favorite cartoon.

Or the moment, when it is three in the morning and your five-month old has grown so restless that you know it is only a matter of time until she opens her eyes and plaintively cries out for you. Where you rub the sleep from your eyes and hold her close, nursing her. Where she finishes, opens her eyes and gives you a big grin as she pulls your glasses off so she can touch your face and see you better.

That, right there. That is what it is about.

baby girl


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