falling for fall

Today was absolute perfection. I’m fairly certain I fell in love with fall all over again after work. The sun was shining; the wind was swirling around; the leaves crunched under my shoes; everything just smelled crisp. So I got in my car, opened the sunroof, rolled down the windows, and cranked the stereo for the drive home.

And then, I came home to this:

Honestly, I can’t complain.

Life is good.


3 thoughts on “falling for fall

  1. erm… what about the noise pollution coming from your cranked-up stereo, ruining fall for everyone else you passed? :p

    I wonder if you’ll end up with a chill from the draughty car too! 😉

  2. Ha! I didn’t pass too many people — my drive is mostly highway. And besides, I have such good taste in music that it wouldn’t have ruined anyone’s fall. And no chill – it was still around 70 degrees that day. 😀

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