barbri day thirty one: almost there

This past weekend was quite lovely. Friday after the lecture I spent a few hours with my law school friends at a Barbri Blows cookout and party at the pool. There’s nothing like a little sunshine and girl talk to distract you from the books waiting for you at home! Saturday evening, I relaxed with some of Ryan’s family in the shade, enjoying particularly delicious margaritas. I worked hard on Sunday, and then completely took off Monday.

Best thing I’ve ever done! Yesterday when I had to sit down and learn about trusts, I didn’t feel quite the level of dread I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. It was so nice to just relax, have a few glasses of sangria, visit with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, and even play a rousing game of kick ball.

Counting today, only three days of lectures left and then I am on my own to review. It’s crunch time!


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