barbri day twenty two: over halfway through

Of course, I find myself a bit behind schedule with my bar preparation. I am slowly but surely making my way in the direction of being caught up, but I am not necessarily going “in order” according to my interactive paced program. I am just doing what I can to get through the material. In case you’re keeping score at home, we reached the halfway point this week.

I’m a bit concerned because it seems like my scores on the drills and question sets seem to be hit and miss. For example, I can bomb one evidence set but then get well above the “goal” on the next. I seem to be having trouble taking the super-simplified examples from the lectures and expanding and applying them to the more complicated versions in the questions.


Also, I can’t help but notice that lecturers mention that “you won’t see this on the bar” — but then the random topic is in the practice questions. What purpose does that serve? Why are you making me learn something that I’m not going to be tested on? I’m pretty sure I already don’t have enough space in my brain for everything I need to know!


I’m still plugging away, and wishing that everyone else in my life understood the pressure I’m feeling. Fifteen (fifteen!) topics to cover for the essays, some of which I’ve never taken before. Six major topics for the multiple choice that are included in the fifteen, but SO MANY tests and exclusions and rules and exceptions and caveats. I’m sure that I will be okay, but ugh…


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