Barbri day four: coming to you wirelessly

I knew that studying for the bar exam from home would present a number of challenges. For example, “home” is rife with possibility for distractions — t.v., movies, music, dirty dishes, dirty laundry, boxes in the spare bedroom that need to be gone through, internet, cooking, more dirty laundry, sleeping, writing thank you notes from graduation, reading non-law books, more sleeping . . .

You get the picture.

Another problem that quickly became apparent to me earlier this week in watching preview videos as assigned by Barbri was that I was tethered to only the spaces that the cord from our DSL box could reach. That meant I was confined to my desk or one end of our couch. I could also have the flexibility to sit ON our coffee table, but frankly that doesn’t sound terribly wonderful. The kitchen table and the bedroom — and even our front porch — were all off limits. If there’s one thing I can say about myself, it is that I am not comfortable sitting in the same spot day after day for hours on end. I need to be able to move around!

So I spent some graduation money for what I feel will greatly increase my comfort: a wireless router. Luckily I got a refurbished one for super cheap online, so I didn’t have to spend much. Now I can download the videos to my Barbri-leased iPod wirelessly, or use my laptop to use the Study Smart software laying in bed.

Ah, freedom. You know, with a fully-charged laptop within a reasonable distance allowing for a sufficiently strong wi-fi signal, of course!


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