final push

I thought for sure I’d have the time and inclination to say something here over winter break, but I suppose I was just too busy to sit down and get much accomplished.

Here’s a summary of break, in numbers

  • Family Christmases: 3
  • Tries at getting all of the Christmas lights on the house to work at once: 3
  • Times successful at getting all of the Christmas lights on the house to work at once: 0
  • Hours spent playing the Wii on NYE: 3
  • Bottles of wine consumed: 3
  • Belgian waffles consumed New Year’s Day: 2
  • N0n-law school books read: 6
  • Episodes of Modern Family Season 1 watched: 24
  • Take-home exams completed: 2
  • Days worked at the law firm: 8.5
  • Days spent doing nothing, really: 5
  • 1L memos graded: 22
  • Babies cuddled: 2
  • Cute children who provided entertainment at various events: 7
  • Miles driven to celebrate a 25th birthday: 754
  • Times I thought I’d fall on my face or my rear ice skating: 1,007,129
  • The World’s Best strawberry margaritas consumed: 2
  • Photos taken at various events and happenings: 612
  • Times I wished for more time: too many to count!

I definitely made the most of my last real break from responsibility, even if there was still some responsibility involved. Two weeks into my last semester of law school, it’s starting to dawn on me that it truly will be over soon. I’m enjoying my classes and my extracurriculars, and have managed to schedule a bit more “me” time. It is still exhausting, but this is it — the final push. May will come all too quickly (though some days it’s not soon enough!), and it will be time to move on to the next step — bar prep. Here’s to a fantastic semester!


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