Today has been a thoroughly unproductive day. I followed ten or so more people on Twitter, read some favorites over at TFLN and FML, beat my old high score on Bejeweled Blitz, emailed a bit with friends, and dug through N.Y.C. pictures for a John Lennon reference.

When finals come around, I mostly participate in the age-old art of procrasti-cleaning. This is generally because I’m not a fan of the ever-popular procrasti-baking. But this semester has been a bit different because I’ve been stuck at the clinic trying to finish up my hours. When I leave here at 7:30 p.m. today, I will only have just under 3 hours to go. And then, maybe then, my bathroom will finally be procrasti-cleaned.

Okay. I’m off to research Section 264(a) of the Internal Revenue Code in my efforts to actually accomplish something today. Don’t fall all over yourself with envy, now.


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