my very own moment of radio silence

I won tickets and passes for the meet and greet before Ingrid Michaelson and Ryan Star’s performances at the Concert to Combat Hunger that took place last night. I was super excited for an opportunity to meet Ingrid especially, because I love her music.

So my friend Ashley and I were standing in line waiting for our turn to say hello to Ingrid, and I told her I was going to ask her to play You and I during her set because it’s one of my favorites. I wanted to tell her that I love her music, and that I was excited for the opportunity to meet her. And thank her for putting on a concert for such a great cause.

The time came for us to walk into the room and meet Ingrid. And my mind went totally blank. We walked up to her and she looked all tiny and cute, and I stammered that it was nice to meet her without even introducing myself. We smiled for the camera and were ushered out of the room.


I can be such a dork sometimes.

The bright side is that her show was perfection, and she played my song!


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