and the hits just keep on coming…

Just when it seems as though I may have time to breathe, time to relax, time to think about getting organized for finals, I get pushed back into my chair by the Universe and told that I’m not done just yet.

It is three weeks until finals, and I haven’t so much as begun to think about studying for tests. I get to do a second extensive edit on a second article that is just as long as the last one. I have to write a will for myself for a class.

All of those things alone, I could handle.

But today, I confirmed a case for trial on the first of December. That’s right. I have a trial before the end of the semester. Part of me is excited — thrilled even, but the rational part of me says “HEY. You need to slow down a bit before you die from sleep deprivation. Kthxbai.”

No time to slow down now. I’ll just have to keep swimming.


2 thoughts on “and the hits just keep on coming…

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