the beginning of the end

On Monday, I will register for the last classes of my J.D.

It feels sort of surreal to think that I’ve been working so hard for so long toward this goal, and I am quickly approaching the day that I will meet it. On May 13, 2011 I will graduate from law school. I will have 90 credit hours of legal coursework and practical training behind me, and two summers of clerking. I will have successfully run major events, taught a class on research, edited works for the top ag journal in the nation, and worked in the leadership of several organizations.

At the same time, my ultimate goal will not truly have been met. I may become a law school graduate on May 13th of next year, but my work will not yet be finished. The week after graduation, bar prep courses begin and we will all find ourselves either back in the classroom or at least back in the books.

Graduating from law school is certainly a huge achievement, and one that I will be immensely proud of. There is certainly some excitement surrounding composite photos, registering for my final law school semester, applying for graduation, and the actual ceremony itself. But that is tempered excitement. Many non-law school friends and family don’t understand that while I’m thrilled about graduation, it’s not the be-all-end-all that they envision it to be. I can graduate all I want, but I still have to pass the bar exam.

Really, graduation is only the beginning of the end. And I honestly cannot wait to get to the end — when I have my J.D., pass the bar, and get to start in on the real work.


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