holy to do list, batman

I sat down the other day and looked through my planner, and almost immediately became overwhelmed. Law school does that to you. There’s always the normal stuff — reading for class, going to class, meetings, etc. But then, a perfect storm hits: you have several major projects due and several important events in the next few weeks, plus you have things going on in your personal life outside of school that don’t really lend themselves to spending time working on school stuff (like weddings, yay!).

Between now and November 6th, this is what I have to do:

  • Cheer on a friend as she downs a bazillion wings for charity. While wearing a viking helmet, of course.
  • Volunteer to supervise educational mock trials for junior high and high school students.
  • Finish up the wedding gift I’ve been working on for my brother.
  • Finish grading assignments for week 9.
  • Take photos for my baby brother’s wedding. Maybe cry a bit because my baby brother is getting married.
  • Develop film from wedding and get pics on cd transferred to my back up drive, and get the prints and discs to my brother.
  • Work for the clinic, including weekly office hours, client meetings, and three pretrial conferences.
  • Grade extra assignments that will be turned in next week.
  • Do normal weekly office hours for the Ag J.
  • Do an extensive edit for a 75 page article, including source checking, Bluebooking, and proofreading.
  • Grade week 10 assignments.
  • Hold office hours for my T.A. gig and teach one more weekly class.
  • Grade citations for 23 8-page research memos.
  • Coordinate an event providing a safe place for neighborhood children to celebrate Halloween, and take photos for it.
  • Kick some med student butt in the annual flag football standoff of law school v. med school.
  • Plan and/or attend regular monthly or biweekly org meetings, and weekly SBA meetings and committee meetings.
  • Go with my sister-in-law to look at wedding dresses!
  • Study for the MPRE.
  • Finish planning and host an auction that funds the school’s emergency loan fund by auctioning off awesome items donated by professors, like game night at their home or dinner for four at a restaurant. This includes tracking down ever-elusive professors to harangue them into donating.
  • Take the MPRE.
  • Go to my sister in law’s birthday dinner.
  • Oh, and at some point read for class and actually go to class.

I suppose I can always just sleep when I’m dead, right? Or at least after I graduate.


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