intelligence FAIL

Recently the city council decided to reduce the number of lanes on a fairly busy thoroughfare leading in and out of downtown in order to better accommodate bicyclists. They reduced the lanes from two each way to one, with a turn lane running the length of the road in the middle, and the bicycle lane between the traffic and parking.

Since the change, I have driven this road many times. I cannot say I’ve ever seen a bicyclist even on it…until today. While I was having that very thought to myself as I drove to the bank, I noticed that there were in fact two bicyclists utilizing the roadway.

They were cycling down the turn lane. In the middle of the road. Not using the specifically designated bicycle lane. Once again, the intelligence and common sense levels of the average individual astound me.


2 thoughts on “intelligence FAIL

  1. I’ve often wondered how so many people somehow manage to make it home without killing themselves, given so much of the stupidity they showcase on the roads!!! :-\

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