thoughts on my last ‘first day’

1. I am fairly certain that my poor little planner is going to rebel, and soon. As in make its own flag and declare itself a sovereign nation. In other news, is it bad when I feel like I need to schedule sleep?

2. I am also fairly certain that I need to learn the art of teleportation so that I can get from the clinic to the school a little faster (it’s only like 3 blocks, but it’s funny how long it seems to get between them).

3. Tax at 7:30 A.M. Boo. And what sucks more is that we all know that sitting in the back equals getting called on and that tomorrow is Seating Chart Day. What time do they unlock the school? 6 A.M.? Gotta get a good seat, you know. Maybe I’ll just sleep there tonight!

4. I have an arraignment and a pretrial conference on my schedule this week for clinic already. Holy swimming with the sharks, Batman! I’m very thrilled, and nervous. I’m sure I’ll love it, though.

5. Guys. Today was my last first day of law school. I can’t even express how excited I am! There are many aspects of law school about which I am now an expert, but I have a nice balance of new to keep things interesting. Here’s to 3L!


4 thoughts on “thoughts on my last ‘first day’

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR LAST FIRST DAY! This is three years in coming! I am so proud of you for making it to your third year!

  2. Thanks, Poppy. I did get a good seat.

    Colsy, thank you so much! I am so excited for my third year — so much to do!

    Michael, you are preaching to the choir. Especially for a class that is about tax.

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