peaks and valleys

Law school can most certainly be described as a series of peaks and valleys, or a rolling wave of highs and lows. There are times when the stress levels go through the roof, and other times where you take a few moments to just chill. The workload can be astronomical one week, and drop off drastically the next. It seems like there are times where every organization has something important and interesting happening, and then there are dry spells where the only thing that week is Bar Review. I would extend the trend even to the ebb and flow of work ethic and attitude generally. It’s all sort of up and down all of the time.

Last summer, I recounted my best and worst memories of 1L year. Looking back at that post, it made me think about what my best and worst memories of 2L year have been.

Best Memor(ies):

I really have a lot of wonderful memories from 2L year. I took a trip to Washington D.C. for the Equal Justice Works national conference, which gave me an opportunity to bring back some great ideas for my own organization and see our nation’s capital on the cheap. I thoroughly enjoyed being a T.A. for the legal research and writing program — both my students and my fellow T.A.s really made it such a great experience. I also loved going to my office hours for the Journal. I did not expect to actually enjoy my time there, but the group we had last year was the perfect storm of hilarity and good advice. Finally, winning my Trial Advocacy trial was a huge high point for me as well. It did not make or break my grade, but the feeling was no less exhilarating. I had a great co-counsel, and we were up against some very tough opponents. I suppose that made the experience that much more rewarding.

Worst Memory:

Anything and everything to do with Business Associations tops my list of worst memories of 2L year. Going to class was worse than…well, pick your least favorite activity, drop it another level to make it worse and insert it here. The readings were awful. The discussion and lecture were less than scintillating. Teaching myself the entire semester in six days was brutal, but necessary because it was a 4 credit hour class. In the future, if I am not interested in the non-required class and I have heard not-so-wonderful things about the Professor, I just might skip it.


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