wait, seriously?!

I found several stories while browsing through the news in my Google Reader feed that made me take a step back and wonder what is wrong with people for the millionth time.

First, there is a new trend in Japan of a divorce ceremony. Seriously. People who are getting divorced apparently are so elated at the prospect that they invite their friends and family to watch them smash their wedding rings with a gavel to symbolize the end of their relationship. The real peach in the story is all of the comments it has garnered. There are a lot of bitter, bitter people out there. The interesting thing is that lawyers often (not always — don’t get me wrong) are a voice of reason in the midst of a divorce battle. Often times clients come in with unrealistic ideas of what their property settlement will be or how much spousal support they are entitled to, and it is their attorney’s job to make them understand reality. The bitterness in divorce comes from the parties, not most attorneys. It’s too bad the few who do feed off the conflict and make it worse give the rest of us a bad name.

Next we have a charming, heartwarming story about a kindergarten graduation in California. Or…not. Apparently there were two main instigators of a brawl on a school lawn near the graduation ceremony. These women were arrested for “suspicion of being a disruptive presence at the school.” You don’t say. The story does not report the cause of the fight, but says that a total of around 20 adults were involved before it was broken up. Seriously. What a wonderful lesson to teach a group of 6-year-olds. Kudos, really. They had to LOCK DOWN THE SCHOOL thanks to your antics. To top it off, parents whose sixth graders ‘graduated’ were not able to see the assembly thrown in their children’s honor. While these ceremonies may be a little bit silly, I would be pretty upset if my child’s was ruined because of sheer stupidity and lack of self control.

I guess the lesson learned from my last noteworthy news of the bizarre is that maybe asking for $25 for your baby outside a Walmart isn’t the best way to raise drug money. This lovely couple decided it would be smart to try to sell their six-month-old baby to strangers. Seriously!? You couldn’t think of a better way to raise some money? Thankfully the women who were propositioned by the father to buy the child called the police. Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly shocked to read that when the cops came a-knocking, the couple was high on meth. Oh, and the mother had breast-fed the baby. While high on meth. So, so awful. It is heartbreaking to think of the uncertainty that lies ahead for the baby, and the potential problems she faces as a result of her exposure to the drug.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?!


2 thoughts on “wait, seriously?!

  1. The last story made me physically ill. I’m just glad the child was only exposed to 6 months of that life. What kind of world do we live in!

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