ten things

Trying to get back into the saddle of blogging on a regular basis seems to be a little tricky. What do I talk about? I have a zillion topics in my mind, and can’t seem to narrow it down. So, I’ve decided to just do a listy post. Here are ten things that are on my mind:

1. There is an awesome little tool for lazy people like me here. It allows you to calculate the number of days between two dates. So, if you’re like me and wonder how many days until your super fabulous wonderful vacation, check it out!

2. Speaking of super fabulous wonderful vacations, there are 47 days until my cousin and I take off for California again. This will be our last trip for awhile, and we’re doing it up right — 10 days spread between San Franscisco, Los Angeles, and the PCH. I seriously cannot wait!

3. So…I read the Twilight series. And I didn’t hate it. Shut up. I also watched the first two movies and plan to see the third when it comes out. Shut up.

4. My nephew is officially growing too fast. He’s five, people. If he keeps growing at this rate, he’ll be taller than me by the time he’s seven, I swear. So, so unfair. Is it so wrong that I’ve enjoyed having someone in the hubby’s family who’s shorter than me!?

5. I discovered during our recent trip Up North that I thoroughly miss playing softball. I played catch for a few minutes with Miss Bossy, and it was so much fun. It might just be time to dust off the old glove and check into any rec leagues around here.

6. I had a fabulous idea for a fiction story that I started writing down recently, and I’m kind of excited to see where it goes. I might share an excerpt or two later on, but for now it’s for my eyes only. Am I the only one who does that?

7. Poor planning has resulted in me being forced to take the MPRE in November because it happens to take place in August the day after I get back to Chicago from California. As in, I won’t be in Iowa yet to even take it. Oops.

8. My seasonal allergies have been pretty much unbearable this year. I remember a couple of years ago I didn’t even have to take any medication to relieve my symptoms. This year I’m still hunting for something over the counter that will work! Awful.

9. I am completely and utterly thrilled (and terrified) that I will be a student attorney in our criminal defense clinic next year. I can’t wait to dive into things!

10. In case you’re keeping score, I’ve read 5 non-assigned, non-law-related books thus far this summer. It’s been wonderful, and I am loathe to think that I will have to go another school year without reading for fun.

See? My mind is just a big jumble when it comes to writing right now. Hopefully I can be more focused next time!


One thought on “ten things

  1. Is the 10 year class reunion on your fun list of things to do this summer? I sure hope so! Also…mark Dec 10th on your calendar. You can take a break from studying and come hold a baby 🙂

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