darn that greener grass

When I started back to work a few weeks ago, my commute was drastically reduced in terms of time. I also have a lot less traffic to deal with, which is lovely. In fact, I remember thinking that first day as I listened to a traffic report for the city on the radio on my way in how lovely it was that I didn’t have to worry about the stalled car on the freeway or the accident at 28th and University.

Then, I got stuck behind a school bus and had to wait while the kids ran down their 1/4 mile driveway to the highway. And of course, I was running a bit late.

Last week, I swear every tractor in the entire county was out in the morning, and every car that could possibly be coming the opposite way was doing so just to prevent me from passing. And of course, I was running a bit late.

Today, I got stuck behind Farmer Fred who drove what felt like 2.4 miles per hour through town, sped up on the downhills outside of town to the point where I couldn’t safely pass him, and swerved over the line so much that I’m not sure I wanted to try. And of course, I was running a bit late.

Naturally, that’s how it worked when I was on my way to class or the courthouse for my internship in the city. It never failed that there was something that slowed me down, and I wished the roads were as open as they generally are here at home. At least then I usually still was able to go over 40 mph there, though…

I guess it’s true what they say about the grass. It really is greener on the other side.


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