the weather outside is frightful

It’s icy and frosty and windy. It’s beautiful outside, and I don’t get to bundle up and take photos of it all.

Because last night I seriously sprained my ankle in the parking lot after work. I managed to somehow roll it twice, in two different ways. Perfection, let me tell you. We have a horrible storm that will last three or four days and result in inches and inches of snow of possibly inches of ice…and I can hardly hobble from the couch to the bathroom.


Thankfully some nice young guys stopped and helped me get up. I somehow managed to drive home – even though it was my right ankle. Luckily my hubby took care of me last night and helped me keep it elevated and iced. He went to work today, but he’s getting me an ace bandage at the store and will be coming home to take care of me some more.

It’s the little things, right? *small smile*


2 thoughts on “the weather outside is frightful

  1. Bad luck re. your ankle – a bad sprain can be SERIOUSLY painful which I learnt from experience.

    But it’s lucky you’ve got someone looking after you! 🙂

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