it’s that time of year again…

That time when law students suddenly become hyper-studious, as though they weren’t studious enough before. That time when I have dreams about the different hearsay exceptions and the First Restatement approach to conflicts of laws. That time when my right hand feels as though it is going to fall off after six solid hours of making flashcards for evidence. That time when I survive on Subway, Hot Pockets, and Diet Coke.

It’s finals time.

Frankly, I can’t wait until it’s over. I’m not looking forward to the sheer amount of studying and work I have to do over the next two and a half weeks, but I AM looking forward to reading for fun and working at the law firm, and taking a trip for the new year.

I feel oddly calm about finals, which is scaring me a little. I’m not really ready for four out of the five, but I know I’ll survive. I suppose the calmness stems from the fact that I know what exams are like and there is no reason to be afraid. I’m just going to go in and do my best — and that’s all I can do. Period.

Bring it on.


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