so much for the short week…

Funny how taking a day away from the week has made it that much more jam-packed and busy. Though the long weekend was nice, I wish it had just been a normal week – one more day  to spread the madness over.

In other news, they’re filming a scene from Janie Jones on campus today – in the building right next to the law school. Campus is swarming with guys hauling in equipment and women running around with important-looking headsets on. Abigail Breslin is somewhere amongst the mess, or she will be at some point, I think. I don’t even know who else is in the film because it’s hard to find info online.

And in other news, I’m using the same transition AGAIN. Really, the other news is that I’m itching to get some stuff posted about the New York trip. I know, it’s been a ridiculously long time. I’ll get to it SOON.


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