reasons to love 2L year

My legislation professor brings cookies on Mondays. Subway cookies.

I get to see my friends again! Curse living an hour away and being busy all summer. It’s time to catch up.

I thoroughly enjoy grading papers. Yes, that makes me a geek. I don’t care. Maybe the newness will wear off, but I doubt it.

I get my own study space! Reserved! For me! Though my carrel is in the law library basement, it is only four steps from the Ag Law Journal office door. Handy.

And finally, my evidence professor says things like “…we don’t know if she’s a crack wh**e, but we do know they were both prostitutes.”


6 thoughts on “reasons to love 2L year

  1. Um…your carrel is in the basement? Are you also missing your red Swingline stapler??

    P.S. I love grading papers too! Prolly the ONLY thing I miss about being a teacher! hee

  2. 2L year > 1L year.
    3L year MUCH > than 2L year.

    After 1L year, it’s like you’re standing at the top of a really, really, fun water slide. By the time you get to the bottom you realize that you’re sliding into a dark abyss known as the bar exam.

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