week one down

I officially survived my first week of 2L year. It was enjoyable, challenging, frustrating and exhausting – all at once.

I will note that when I was a 1L, I hated the attitudes of the 2Ls and 3Ls towards us. I promised myself I’d never be that way. This week, I’ve found myself frustrated when they are loud in the library and when they stand in the hallway and block us all from walking to our classes because their room isn’t open yet.

I’m slowly edging into the very same attitude toward them that I received last year…and I can’t stop it. Sort of like how I can’t stop the fact that I’m becoming more like my mother every day.

I guess it’s inevitable. Though…it doesn’t mean I have to be a jerk. I remember what it was like. That was me, last year. I too was terrified, lost and clueless.

But seriously. Get out of the middle of the hallway.


3 thoughts on “week one down

  1. I’m convinced school is like fraternity hazing. Some people pick on the newbies because they were picked on. Others profess they’ll change, but get too annoyed at how stupid the newbies. The newbies put up with it because they need to be cool. And the beat keeps going on next year.

  2. Seriously. 🙂 I’m the same, I can’t how often my eyes have rolled the past couple weeks. I’m kind, but inside it annoys me just a smidge. The terrified ones awaken my big sister instincts, so I want to take them under my wings and help them.

    It’s the arrogant ones who are fairly certain they’ll be appointed to the Supreme Court immediately upon their graduation that push me to the edge.
    We weren’t that overconfident last year, right? Right? 🙂

  3. I’m a 1L and behavior like that annoys me too. I mean seriously… you can’t squish to one side of the hallway and let others pass? Is it that serious that someone hooked up after Bar Review? (okay it is, but do like I do and find out via Facebook and not between Torts and Crim, JEEZ)

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