closer and closer

My trip to New York is now less than one week away.

My last day at work is now only two weeks and two days away.

The first day of classes (and my first day teaching) is now 26 days away.

I can’t believe how quickly this summer has passed. I feel like first year JUST ended. It feels like just yesterday I came in for my first day of work, sat down at my desk, looked at the stack of files and assignments and felt extremely overwhelmed. I’ve come so far from that first couple of weeks where the research and not knowing what I was doing completely wiped me out every day. And now, when I’m closer to getting the hang of things, I am going to move on to another new and terrifying job, new classes, and new roles in the organizations in which I am involved.

My comfort zone keeps getting closer and closer, only to slip through my hands. Oh, well. It sure keeps life interesting!


5 thoughts on “closer and closer

  1. Ooh, have fun in NY! It’s great here. Just watch for the taxis, they don’t really stop for people who wander into the streets when they shouldn’t.

    Wait, are you coming to the city or the not city? 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to NY, but hope to go soon! I can completely relate to that feeling. Seems I tend to finally get comfy in a life situation and it goes and changes on me 🙂

  3. That thing about comfort zone… yea a whole new level of anxiety just hit me, thanks 🙂

    Enjoy NY. Eat everything…well not everything, but you know what i mean. Lol.

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