I received a phone call last night inviting me to become a junior staff member of the Drake Agricultural Law Journal, and I accepted. It’s a little bittersweet for me.

Part of me is disappointed that I didn’t make Law Review. The Law Review reserves x number of spaces for top-ranked class members if they want to become staff. I am ranked well in my class, but not quite well enough to grade on. Since I wasn’t offered a position on the staff, that means I also didn’t write on.

At the same time, I’m excited to begin exploring a new area of law. I will be doing exactly the same thing for the Journal as I would the Law Review. The only real difference is that I won’t get to choose a note topic on ANYTHING – I will have to relate it to ag law somehow. I’m looking forward to the experience, and the opportunity to maybe get my note published.


11 thoughts on “bittersweet

  1. Congrats on the journal invitation! And I have to say, from reading your posts below, I’m relieved to finally read a blawg about someone who enjoys what they are doing 😉

  2. Congrats! I know it might be disappointing not to be on Law Review, but being on a journal (any one) is a good thing! 😀 Our write-on comp. isn’t until next month, but I’m not participating. Just don’t have time with 5 classes and anyway, I’m already workstudy for one of our journals. It’s the only one that interests me and there are no student writers, only faculty. But as workstudy I get to do all the same work as I would if on staff on the law review, but with $$ and no stress 🙂
    Congrats again, and who knows…maybe there’s some super secret SUPER interesting aspect of Ag Law you’ve never discovered 🙂

  3. Skinny Jeans: Thanks!!

    Chere: Thank you! I wish I were going to get paid for my work, but I do get a free credit out of the deal. Well, not free exactly – it’s included in my tuition already. LOL There definitely could be some aspect of Ag Law I haven’t thought of. I’ve been brainstorming a bit, and I think alternative energy and bioterrorism (i.e. food and water safety) are good potential topics to explore. Or maybe rural development. We’ll just have to see!

  4. Congrats on making the Ag Law Journal! You may find that it is actually a blessing in disguise. I was a nut and did both Law Review and Int’l Law Journal at my school. I HATED law review with a passion, everyone on staff was uptight and the work was horribly boring. Int’l Law Journal on the other hand was a BLAST. We had a great group of people and because it was a smaller staff we all became pretty good friends. Also because the subject was more focused we got to be very selective in the articles that we took and the work was always interesting. It was by far one of my best experiences of law school. If I had to do it all over again I never would have even picked up the law review write on. Good luck and congrats again!

  5. Useless: Thanks for the encouraging words – I’m hoping my experience with the Journal is as great as yours! Thank you!

    Esq: Thank you! 🙂

  6. Congrats on the journal invite! Agriculture law could be cool, it’s related to environmental…okay, environmental law is a big interest of mine, haha, so that’s how I see ag law being interesting.

    Also, thanks for the advice! My mom suggested about the same thing, just basically that we should stay until the 1st. Oh well. We have a moving truck coming Saturday and we’ll just keep our stuff in that until the 1st. Fortunately it’s my roommate’s uncle’s truck, so we can do that. Whoo moving!

  7. Poppy: Hee. Well, I’m most definitely an Iowa girl. I’m sure I’ll find something that interests me!

    Molly: Thanks! You’re welcome for the advice – good luck with the whole situation. It’s not fun to move in the first place, and your landlord made it worse for you. It’ll work out just fine, I’m sure. 🙂

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