half day for half-blood prince

Today, dear readers? Today is a lovely day.

It is expected to be in the low 80s with low humidity. It is pay day. I am working only a half day. I am going shopping. I’m wearing the skirt I bought months ago but haven’t had occasion to actually wear until today. AND. AND…



I’m not really taking a half day to see the movie – Ryan and I have errands in the city that need to be taken care of during business hours so we’re taking care of some things today. But it made a cute title, didn’t it?


2 thoughts on “half day for half-blood prince

  1. There is quite a bit of humor in this installment, but I think it is necessary as a balance with all of the darkness going on. My only complaint is that they deviated from the book quite a bit – there are scenes that weren’t from the book and things from the book that were left out. I know that previous movies left things out, but this one felt much more apparent – it just caused a little bit of a hiccup in my enjoyment of the movie.

    I will say that we get glimpses of Tom Riddle as a child and as a teenager, and the actors they have playing him did it quite well – their faces were strikingly handsome but haunting at the same time.

    Overall I’d say it was very good, though.

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